Read what our families say about Lifegate Christian Middle & High School

Lifegate Christian School was one of the most influential factors in my development. As a Lifegate graduate I had my pick of colleges to attend and the academic foundation to have success at the collegiate level. That academic edge has helped me continually in my professional life. The advantages given to me by Lifegate go beyond the scholarly, however. Through my experiences at the school I learned what it takes to be a good citizen and a convicted Christian. I developed interpersonal skills that helped me enter into a love filled and godly marriage and made me a better father to my sons. Most of all, Lifegate is a fundamental tool that God has used to sanctify my life and draw me closer to him. It is largely through my time at Lifegate Christian School that I learned the truth that drives my life today: that a life spent in the will of the Father is the only life worth living.
— Evin Langley, Lifegate grad and former teacher
The academics have exceeded our expectations. When our daughter needed help in two academic areas due to previous health issues, Lifegate came together with our family to tailor a plan to bring those grades exactly where they need to be and has supported us throughout. Her experience in electives such as Drama, Yearbook, and Sewing have increased her skills in the areas that are her passions and are rewarding to her. Teachers encouraged her as she wanted to take another language to add to her previous 2 years of Japanese, and she is enjoying her Spanish classes (for the first time in her life). Lifegate teachers that care for and pray for our daughter daily, upholding Christian values and prayerful decision making are such a blessing in our lives. The respectful students held to accountability are a delight to be around. The students’ routine godly service in the community has helped build opportunities for faith in action. Parent meetings filled with prayer, and involvement of alumni families and community Christian leaders are the icing on the cake for us.
— LCS Parent
I love the family atmosphere, the small classes, the extraordinary talent of the staff & students. I also love Thursday electives. It’s like having a little break in middle of the week. The students are refreshed and not so burnt out.
— LCS Parent
We wanted to transition to a high school experience where our daughter’s faith was valued and grown. We found this and so much more in our two years at Lifegate Christian High School.
— LCS Parent
My husband and I have eleven children with three of them at Lifegate and one that has already graduated from Lifegate. We appreciate the family atmosphere, the amazing teachers and staff, the elective choices and the extra curricular activities such as the spectacular drama productions, outdoor school and field trips. One of the most favorite of the family is the community service projects that the students are a part of. What better example can our students have than actually working as the hands and feet of Jesus for those in need? And our college graduates are finding that Lifegate has more than prepared them and they are able to test out of a lot of the required first year classes, moving along more quickly.
— LCS Parent

Student Testimonials

I like Lifegate because it is not just a school, but a house of God and a family of students who are grateful. Lifegate is a comfortable school where you are safe and happy. I enjoy Lifegate because the teachers enjoy teaching with a smile on their faces and they have a great love for teaching
I like that I met my best friend at Lifegate. Lifegate pushed me to let go of some things I have been holding onto, and it helped me to make new friends. I am blessed to have the opportunity to attend Lifegate.
One thing I like about Lifegate is the small amount of students that attend here and knowing everyone.
One way Lifegate has impacted my life is by the students and the teachers who are really nice and helpful. I like the classes and Lifegate is a great influence.
I love how everyone is a Christian. Dress chapel days are awesome!
What I like most about Lifegate is the teachers.